Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Database: S&P Global Industry Reports

When is a new database NOT a new database? When it's a new research module that has been purchased by the Library and then integrated into an existing database.

A case in point is the Global Industry Surveys, a new addition to our S&P NetAdvantage database.

As many business researchers here at Suffolk know, Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys are the crown jewels of research information coming from S&P. They are lengthy reports that provide overview and analysis, as well as comparative company analysis on major industries. The problem was that, until now, these covered only U.S. industries. But take heart International Business researchers! That has changed with the introduction of the Global Industry Surveys.

Global Industry Surveys provides industry analysis focusing on the Asian and European regions. S&P now has 54 additional industry studies, in addition to their current 52 North American Industry Survey studies. For instance, they now cover Biotechnology in Asia, Europe and North America in 3 different reports. The global studies are being updated twice annually (similar to the 52 North American Industry Surveys) and delivered only thru the NetAdvantage platform.

Unfortunately, there is no link to the Global Industry Surveys on the busy opening page of S&P NetAdvantage. (Although you can do a quick jump to the U.S. Industry Surveys, as well as handy publications like Company Profiles and the famous investment analysis newsletter, The Outlook, from links and search boxes on the right side of this opening screen.)

To find the Global Industry Surveys, look for the "Industries" button in the top blue banner:

Below the box for selecting U.S. Industry Surveys, is the area for Global Industry Surveys. The top box in this section allows you to change the default option of Asia to Europe (or to the very limited but growing Latin America reports). After selecting your region, you can open the Industry selection box and choose from those available.

Standard & Poors should be building on this content as time passes, and we will acquire any reports as they become available.

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