Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Database Use Tip: Hidden Treasure in General BusinessFile ASAP

InfoTrac's General BusinessFile ASAP isn't at the top of our Business Database List for good reason; it just doesn't have as much (or as high a quality of) fulltext as our Business Source Premier database from Ebsco. However, there are some very nice features and content to General BusinessFile. Unfortunately, they are tucked away in the ADVANCED SEARCH screen.

Next time you visit General BusinessFile ASAP, take the time to click the "Advanced search" option in the blue left-hand frame. You will find more detailed search box options on the Advanced Search page. More importantly, look for the links at the bottom of the page.

The Advanced Search page, gives you the option to:

Search another component: [Company ProFiles ] [SIC Description ] [Investext ]

These three components can come in very handy.

The first, Company ProFiles, allows you to search for a company by name, and get a nice simple summary. In addition, to the right of the name and address, you will be given the option of pulling up articles on that company specific to "Earnings, " "Strategic Ventures," and several other categories.

SIC Description, the second Advanced Search component, allows you to search for appropriate Standard Industrial Classification code descriptions (major industry categories). Search by keyword, SIC term, or the numerical SIC code. When you click on a specific SIC code offered in your search results, you can read a description of that industry, with listings of sub-categories included. You also can look to the right of the page for links to profiles of companies in that industry, or articles about that industry.

The last Advanced Search component is real hidden treasure. Here you will find Investext investment house reports on companies and industries. These are issued by companies like William Blair & Company, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Needham & Company, Prudential Equity Group, CIBC World Markets Corp., and Institutional Shareholder Services. These provide facts, financials, and professional analysis on a company and its stock, or on a general investment industry sector.

Remember to explore this "under the radar" content the next time you access General BusinessFile ASAP.

[FIND General BusinessFile ASAP on our "Databases by Subject" List in the "Business and Management" category, as well as listed within the Thomson Common Menu (InfoTrac) masterlist in our "General Resources" section.]

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