Friday, June 27, 2014

Recent Reference Question:
Where can I find the Global Market Information Database (GMID)?

Just because they can, sometimes the publishers of databases decide to 're-brand' and change the name of their product. What follows is a recent example that is causing confusion to some of our Library's users:

Euromonitor, the publisher of the Global Market Information Database (GMID), has changed the name of the database to "Passport."

The name on the lists of databases has been changed accordingly to:

Euromonitor International. Passport.

From the Sawyer Library home page, choose: Find Databases > Browse > Business > International Business.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Video-Streaming Databases: Try Them Out!

Do you struggle to queue up a clip on your classroom DVD player?

Are you drowning in Overdue Notices for several "course reserve" educational films?

Help us help you.

Evaluate the streaming video content in both Kanopy and Films on Demand. Let us know which database you like best! See links after the jump.

Current trials run from Jun 9 - Jun 27th  


Kanopy includes Mental Health Education, HBO, Media Education Foundation (producers of the Killing Us Softly series), and more.


Films on Demand includes PBS, BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, California Newsreel, and more.

What you can do with a FREE personal account in either Kanopy or Films on Demand:

- Queue up videos - or specific video clips - and show them in class.
- Create custom playlists of selected and annotated clips.
- Share custom playlists and notes with a class or group.
- Send out permanent URLs for selected clips or entire films.
- Allow students to browse your Favorite Content lists.