Monday, December 8, 2014

Please excuse our dust and noise ...

The Sawyer Library is in the process of removing books and bound periodicals from the collection to make way for more seating for students.

We apologize for the dust and noise that this effort creates.

Monday, December 1, 2014

New Database: Women's Periodicals of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, 1733-1844

Sawyer Library's third recent acquisition of historic content is Ebsco's Women's Periodicals of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, 1733-1844.

It is described as being "one of three collections containing women's-related periodicals that span the 18th through the 19th century and represent a broad range of subjects and places of publication. This series draws heavily from the Colonial through the Jacksonian Era, spanning roughly from the 1730's-1840's. Because almost all of the women's periodicals by nature covered many topics, the titles included in this collection highlight radically changing perceptions of womanhood and ideas about the role of women over time. Some representative titles are:
  • the Lady's Monthly Museum or Polite Repository of Amusment and Instruction,
  • the Ladies' Companion,
  • the Lady's Book
  • and Margret Fuller's Transcendentalist publication, the Dial."