Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Speaker Series Event! Book Talk by Amy Agigian, Associate Professor of Sociology.

"The First House--A Memoir of Mom, Berkeley, and Beyond."

When: Thursday, April 21, 1:00 PM

Where: 73 Tremont St, Sawyer Library Poetry Center.

Light Refreshments will be served.

The memoir explores the author’s experiences growing up with love and secrets. What does a ten-year old do when her mom—the funnest, best mom in the world—goes from being an antiwar radical to being a closeted lesbian? How does a thirteen-year old girl cope when her mom is stricken with a terrifying illness that nobody, inside the family or out, can acknowledge? How does a fourteen-year old handle leaving her suburban home in Palo Alto to join her father in a hippie collective in 1970’s Berkeley?

The First House is a story of motherlove and motherloss that winds through decades of discovery. A young girl, then a teen, then an adult, seeks solace, sanity, and love in this collection of moving and surprisingly funny tales. The journey takes her through the unlikely worlds of astrology, academia, feminism, and queer family. Along the way she embraces a procession of surrogate mothers, teachers, lovers, friends, animals, and invisible beings. But how long can she keep the promises she made to the most important person in the world?

Amy Agigian, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University, where she is also the Founding Director of the Center for Women's Health and Human Rights. Trained in the sociology of women, gender, sexuality and health, she is the author of Baby Steps: How Lesbian Alternative Insemination is Changing the World. Dr. Agigian’s current research applies a feminist health and human rights perspective to the vexing, global issues of human fertility and infertility. A long time activist, Dr. Agigian lives in Somerville, Massachusetts and is the mother of a teen-aged son.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reports on the Nominating Process, National Conventions, and Voter Identification, from the Congressional Research Service

The Republican National Convention this July in Cleveland may or may not turn into a brawl, but those who wish to be well supplied with information - in order to have a good understanding as the events unfold - may wish to look at the following report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS):

"The Presidential Nominating Process and the National Party Conventions, 2016: Frequently Asked Questions." This report provides "answers to frequently asked questions about the Presidential nominating process, including how delegates to the national conventions are chosen, differences between a caucus and a primary, national party rules changes for 2016, and information on national conventions."

The Sawyer Library recently began a subscription to a collection of CRS Reports through the vendor ProQuest. This collection may be found by starting at the Sawyer Library home page ( > Databases by Subject > Social Sciences > Political Science > Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports.

The Congressional Research Service produces reports specifically for use by Congress. They are known for being nonpartisan reports, which typically include analysis, pro/con viewpoints, and statistics.

In preparation for Professor Rachael Cobb's upcoming talk in the Poetry Center, "Voting Rights and the 2016 Presidential Election," attendees may wish to view the following two reports from CRS:

"Voter Identification Requirements: Background and Legal Issues" updated November 03, 2014 and updated November 10, 2014.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Speaker Series Event! Voting Rights and the 2016 Presidential Election

Speaker: Rachael Cobb

When: Wednesday, March 30th 2016; 1:00 pm

Where: 73 Tremont St, Sawyer Library Poetry Center

In 2006 only one U.S. state required identification to vote on Election Day. Today, 11 states require identification and 34 states have some version of voter identification rules. Other election reforms including early voting have expanded since the early 2000s. What impact will these reforms have on voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election?

Rachael Cobb is Associate Professor and Chair of the Government Department at Suffolk University. Her research focuses on U.S. elections, election administration, electoral politics, civic engagement, and political participation. At Suffolk University, Cobb runs the University Pollworkers Project, a nonpartisan program designed to recruit college students to serve as poll workers in partnership with the City of Boston’s Election Department

Join us for Voting Rights and the 2016 Presidential Election, Wednesday, March 30th 2016 @ 1:00 pm

Location: Poetry Center, 3rd floor, Sawyer Library

Friday, February 5, 2016

Speaker Series Event! Book Talk on Change Leadership

Speakers: Collete Dumas & Richard H. Beinecke

When: Thursday, February 11th 2016; 1:00 pm

Where: 73 Tremont St, Sawyer Library Poetry Center

You know WHAT needs to change in your workplace. But have you ever wondered HOW to make change happen? Join Drs. Colette Dumas and Richard Beinecke as they share the inspiring stories and effective change practices of successful change leaders profiled in their new book series Change Leadership published by SAGE Publications.

Colette Dumas, Ph.D., is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship at the Sawyer Business School. Dr. Dumas founded the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership at Suffolk University to help organizations develop innovative and collaborative change leadership learning programs.

Richard H. Beinecke DPA ACSW is a professor in the Suffolk University Institute for Public Service and the Healthcare Department in the Sawyer Business School where he teaches courses on leadership, and U.S. and global health policy and conducts research on management of mental health programs and leadership.

Join us for Book Talk on Change Leadership, Thursday, February 11 @ 1 p.m.

Location: Poetry Center, 3rd floor, Sawyer Library


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sawyer Library New Book Display

Here is a list of the titles currently up in the Sawyer Library display case. This display features new book covers from the Sawyer Library collection. Click the hyperlink to see if the book is available, or already checked-out. Please be assured that the books in the display case are not the actual books!

Mildred F. Sawyer Library Book Display List 
  1. Reclaiming conversation : the power of talk in a digital age / Sherry Turkle
  2. Saving capitalism : for the many, not the few / Robert B. Reich 
  3. $2.00 a day : living on almost nothing in America / Kathryn J. Edin, H. Luke Shaefer
  4. Medical monopoly : intellectual property rights and the origins of the modern pharmaceutical industry / Joseph M. Gabriel 
  5. Reframing decadence : C.P. Cavafy's imaginary portraits / Peter Jeffreys
  6. Geek heresy : rescuing social change from the cult of technology / Kentaro Toyama
  7. Vaccine nation : America's changing relationship with immunization / Elena Conis
  8. Gaining control : how human behavior evolved / Robert Aunger and Valerie Curtis 
  9. Eat, drink, and be wary : how unsafe is our food? / Charles M. Duncan ; edited by Diana Kearley Duncan
  10. The Wright brothers / David McCullough   
  11. After Roe : the lost history of the abortion debate / Mary Ziegler 
  12. Seizing freedom : slave emancipation and liberty for all / David Roediger 
  13. All the light we cannot see : a novel / Anthony Doerr 
  14. The workfare state : public assistance politics from the New Deal to the new Democrats / Eva Bertram
  15. A country called prison : mass incarceration and the making of a new nation / Mary D. Looman, John D. Carl 
  16. Economic analysis of the digital economy / Edited by Avi Goldfarb, Shane M. Greenstein, and Catherine E. Tucker
  17. God help the child / Toni Morrison 
  18. Designing the new American university / Michael M. Crow and William B. Dabars
  19. Alibaba's world : how a remarkable Chinese company is changing the face of global business / Porter Erisman 
  20. This nonviolent stuff'll get you killed : how guns made the civil rights movement possible / Charles E. Cobb
  21. Pulse of the people : political rap music and black politics / Lakeyta M. Bonnette
  22. The cultural matrix : understanding Black youth / edited by Orlando Patterson ; with Ethan Fosse 
  23. Environment in the balance : the green movement and the Supreme Court / Jonathan Z. Cannon
  24. Black hole : how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and gambled on by Hawking became loved / Marcia Bartusiak
  25. Every town is a sports town : business leadership at ESPN, from the mailroom to the boardroom / George Bodenheimer, Donald T. Phillips
  26. Law and popular culture : international perspectives / edited by Michael Asimow, Kathryn Brown and David Ray Papke
  27. The age of acquiescence : the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power / Steve Fraser
  28. Chinese and Americans : a shared history / Xu Guoqi  
  29. Masters of the universe, slaves of the market / Stephen Bell & Andrew Hindmoor 
  30. Raising the world : child welfare in the American century / Sara Fieldston
  31. Half-life : the divided life of Bruno Pontecorvo, physicist or spy / Frank Close
  32. Party ballots, reform, and the transformation of America's electoral system / Erik J. Engstrom, University of California, Davis, Samuel Kernell, University of California, San Diego
  33. The hungry mind : the origins of curiosity in childhood / Susan Engel
  34. A path in the mighty waters : shipboard life & Atlantic crossings to the New World / Stephen R. Berry
  35. The Making of the First World War / Ian F.W. Beckett  
  36. The objective leader : how to leverage the power of seeing things as they are / Elizabeth Thornton
  37. Missoula : rape and the justice system in a college town / Jon Krakauer  
  38. Understanding OCD : skills to control the conscience and outsmart obsessive compulsive disorder / Leslie J. Shapiro ; foreword by Michael A. Jenike 
  39. Who rules the earth? : how social rules shape our planet and our lives / Paul F. Steinberg
  40. Medieval Christianity : a new history / Kevin Madigan 
  41. Restless ambition : Grace Hartigan, painter / Cathy Curtis 
  42. Martha Jefferson : an intimate life with Thomas Jefferson / William G. Hyland Jr 
  43. Cuckoo : cheating by nature / Nick Davies ; with field drawings by James McCallum
  44. The least likely man : Marshall Nirenberg and the discovery of the genetic code / Franklin H. Portugal  
  45. Back to the garden : nature and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present / James H.S. McGregor
  46. Epic measures : one doctor, seven billion patients / Jeremy N. Smith   
  47. Fighting over the founders : how we remember the American Revolution / Andrew M. Schocket
  48. Intimate reconstructions : children in postemancipation Virginia / Catherine A. Jones

Monday, June 1, 2015

Henry Stewart Talks

Henry Stewart Talks 

Henry Stewart Talks publishes animated audio visual presentations by leading world experts.

The Business and Management Collection includes over 800 specially prepared audio-visual lectures, organized into 80 comprehensive series.  Topics include Marketing, Management, Leadership Finance, Technology, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Global Business, Strategy Financial Risk Management, and much more.  Here are a few series that may be of interest:

Strategic Management, edited by Prof. Charles Baden-Fuller – Cass Business School, UK
Global Branding Strategies - Prof. Donald E. Sexton – Columbia University, USA
Corporate Finance Edited by Prof. Raghavendra Rau – University of Cambridge, UK
Principles of Marketing Edited Prof. Michael J. Baker – Emeritus Professor, University of Strathclyde
Managing Organizations Edited by Prof. Stewart Clegg, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Doing Business in China I Edited by Prof. Ilan Alon – Rollins College and Harvard University, USA

Talks can easily be embedded onto your course Blackboard page.

Henry Stewart Talks are listed in the Sawyer Library A-to Z list of Databases and within database subject lists.

Sawyer Library New Book Display

Here is an alphabetical list of the titles currently up in the Sawyer Library display case. This display features new book covers from the Sawyer Library collection. Click the hyperlink to see if the book is available, or already checked-out. Please be assured that the books in the display case are not the actual books!

Mildred F. Sawyer Library Book Display List

1. Advertising and propaganda in World War II : cultural identity and the blitz spirit / David Clampin

2. Animal madness : how anxious dogs, compulsive parrots, and elephants in recovery help us understand ourselves / Laurel Braitman

3. Arresting contagion : science, policy, and conflicts over animal disease control / Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode

4. Bats : a world of science and mystery / M. Brock Fenton, Nancy B. Simmons

5. Big data, little data, no data : scholarship in the networked world / Christine L. Borgman

6. Blaming Europe? : responsibility without accountability in the European Union / Sara B. Hobolt, James Tilley

7. Bridging the gender gap : seven principles for achieving gender balance / Lynn Roseberry and Johan Roos

8. The business of America is lobbying : how corporations became politicized and politics became more corporate / Lee Drutman

9. City of steel : how Pittsburgh became the world's steelmaking capital during the Carnegie era / Kenneth J. Kobus

10. The container principle : how a box changes the way we think / Alexander Klose ; translated by Charles Marcrum II

11. Cowardice : a brief history / Chris Walsh

12. Currency politics : the political economy of exchange rate policy / Jeffry A. Frieden

13. Energy poverty : global challenges and local solutions / edited by Antoine Halff, Benjamin K. Sovacool and Jon Rozhon

14. Failing our fathers : confronting the crisis of economically vulnerable, nonresident fathers / Ronald B. Mincy, Monique Jethwani, Serena Klempin

15. The First Amendment bubble : how privacy and paparazzi threaten a free press / Amy Gajda

16. Flags and Faces : the visual culture of America's First World War / David M. Lubin

17. From development to dictatorship : Bolivia and the alliance for progress in the Kennedy era / Thomas C. Field Jr

18. From slave abuse to hate crime : the criminalization of racial violence in American history / Ely Aaronson

19. Galileo's middle finger : heretics, activists, and the search for justice in science / Alice Dreger

20. Government paternalism : nanny state or helpful friend? / Julian Le Grand and Bill New

21. Great minds : reflections of 111 top scientists / Balazs Hargittai, Magdolna Hargittai, Istvan Hargittai

22. Happiness and economic growth : lessons from developing countries / edited by Andrew E. Clark and Claudia Senik

23. The human and environmental impact of fracking : how fracturing shale for gas affects us and our world / Madelon L. Finkel, editor ; foreword by Seth B.C. Shonkoff, PhD, MPH

24. Internet literature in China / Michel Hockx

25. It's not the size of the data--it's how you use it : smarter marketing with analytics and dashboards / Koen Pauwels

26. Japan : the paradox of harmony / Keiko Hirata and Mark Warschauer

27. Leonardo, Michelangelo, and the art of the figure / Michael W. Cole

28. Living in infamy : felon disfranchisement and the history of American citizenship / Pippa Holloway

29. Media violence and children : a complete guide for parents and professionals / Douglas A. Gentile, editor ; foreword by Michael Rich, MD, MPH

30. The merchant republics : Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg, 1648-1790 / Mary Lindemann

31. Mexicans in the making of America / Neil Foley

32. Miseducating Americans : distortions of historical understanding / Richard F. Hamilton

33. The new wild : why invasive species will be nature's salvation / Fred Pearce

34. Notes from a colored girl : the Civil War pocket diaries of Emilie Frances Davis / Karsonya Wise Whitehead

35. The oldest living things in the world / Rachel Sussman

36. The outsourcer : the story of India's IT revolution / Dinesh C. Sharma

37. Perspectives on Dodd-Frank and finance / edited by Paul H. Schultz

38. Racial reckoning : prosecuting America's civil rights murders / Renee C. Romano

39. Rare : the high-stakes race to satisfy our need for the scarcest metals on Earth / Keith Veronese

40. The Reagan Era : a history of the 1980s / Doug Rossinow

41. Saving the Pryor Mountain mustang : a legacy of local and federal cooperation / Christine M. Reed

42. Sea of storms : a history of hurricanes in the greater Caribbean from Columbus to Katrina / Stuart B. Schwartz

43. The Secret History of Wonder Woman / Jill Lepore

44. Sexualized media messages and our children : teaching kids to be smart critics and consumers / Jennifer W. Shewmaker

45. South Asia in the globalised world / edited by C. Vinodan

46. The triumph of seeds : how grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, and pips, conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history / Thor Hanson

47. Unfinished work : the struggle to build an aging American workforce / Joseph Coleman

48. The vanishing neighbor : the transformation of American community / Marc J. Dunkelman

49. Who we be : the colorization of America / Jeff Chang

50. The wobblies in their heyday : the rise and destruction of the industrial workers of the world during the World War I era / Eric Thomas Chester