Monday, July 21, 2014

New Library Copiers Scan to your USB Drive.

Quick Start: How to Scan-to-USB Drive:

1. Insert USB drive into copier.

2. Document face-down on upper left corner of glass.

3. Touch-screen button: SCAN

4. Touch-screen button (lower left of screen): SEND FILE TYPE / NAME

5. Choose unique title for saving document to USB.

6. START button to scan. Continue placing pages on glass as prompted.

7. Press # to finish and save document to USB.

8. WAIT to remove USB until document saving is complete.

For more information, check out our LibAnswers entry on scanning in Sawyer Library.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"New Books" Display

Here is an alphabetical list of the titles currently in the New Book display. Click the hyperlink to see if the item is available, or already checked-out. Please be assured that the books in the display case are not the actual books!

Bees : a natural history | Christopher O'Toole; featuring photographs by Edward Ross

Christopher Tolkien

Between Pagan and Christian | Christopher P. Jones

Boston : a visual history | Jonathan M. Beagle, Ph.D

Collective genius : the art and practice of leading innovation | Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, Kent Lineback

Congo : the epic history of a people | David van Reybrouck ; translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett

The divide : American injustice in the age of the wealth gap | Matt Taibbi ; illustrations by Molly Crabapple

GPS declassified : from smart bombs to smartphones | Richard D. Easton and Eric F. Frazier ; foreword by Rick W. Sturdevant

Histories of victimhood | edited by Steffen Jensen and Henrik Ronsbo

The impacts of lasting occupation : lessons from Israeli society | edited by Daniel Bar-Tal and Izhak Schnell

Richard Wagner : a life in music | Martin Geck ; translated by Stewart Spencer

The roots of cognitive neuroscience : behavioral neurology and neuropsychology | edited by Anjan Chatterjee and H. Branch Coslett

The soft edge : where great companies find lasting success | Rich Karlgaard ; foreword by Tom Peters ; afterword by Clayton M. Christensen

Titian | edited by Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa

What is chemistry? | Peter Atkins

Why hell stinks of sulfur : mythology and geology of the underworld | Salomon Kroonenberg ; translated by Andy Brown

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PrivCo Trial

According to the vendor, PrivCo "is the premier source for business and financial data on major, non-publicly traded corporations, including family owned, private equity owned, venture backed, and international unlisted companies." The PrivCo database’s coverage focuses on U.S. Major Private Companies (MPCs) but also provides coverage on what PrivCo considers to be smaller but high-value private companies.   Financial data includes revenue, sales growth rates, total employee size, ownership structure, bankruptcies and restructurings.   Try it out!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th Holiday Weekend Hours

Thursday July 3rd: The library will CLOSE at 4:00 p.m. (The University closes at 2:00 p.m.)

Friday July 4th: CLOSED

Saturday July 5th: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sunday July 6th: CLOSED

Friday, June 27, 2014

Recent Reference Question:
Where can I find the Global Market Information Database (GMID)?

Just because they can, sometimes the publishers of databases decide to 're-brand' and change the name of their product. What follows is a recent example that is causing confusion to some of our Library's users:

Euromonitor, the publisher of the Global Market Information Database (GMID), has changed the name of the database to "Passport."

The name on the lists of databases has been changed accordingly to:

Euromonitor International. Passport.

From the Sawyer Library home page, choose: Find Databases > Browse > Business > International Business.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Video-Streaming Databases: Try Them Out!

Do you struggle to queue up a clip on your classroom DVD player?

Are you drowning in Overdue Notices for several "course reserve" educational films?

Help us help you.

Evaluate the streaming video content in both Kanopy and Films on Demand. Let us know which database you like best! See links after the jump.

Current trials run from Jun 9 - Jun 27th  


Kanopy includes Mental Health Education, HBO, Media Education Foundation (producers of the Killing Us Softly series), and more.


Films on Demand includes PBS, BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, California Newsreel, and more.

What you can do with a FREE personal account in either Kanopy or Films on Demand:

- Queue up videos - or specific video clips - and show them in class.
- Create custom playlists of selected and annotated clips.
- Share custom playlists and notes with a class or group.
- Send out permanent URLs for selected clips or entire films.
- Allow students to browse your Favorite Content lists.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Help Us Choose Books for the Sawyer Library

Patron Driven Acquisition - Help Us Buy Books


Sawyer Library has initiated a Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) program with eBrary titles.  These new titles are listed below.  A PDA program means books are purchased only if they are used.

If you are interested in reading any of these books, open one and print a page or two or view it for at least 10 minutes, and we will purchase the book.  

Simply search the title in the Suffolk University catalog.

Childism : Confronting Prejudice Against Children
Rise of Female Kings in Europe, 1300-1800
Sudan and Darfur, and Darfur : What Everyone Needs to Know
Sex and the Office : A History of Gender, Power, and Desire
Fandom Unbound : Otaku Culture in a Connected World
Women in Business : Navigating Career Success
Millennials and the Workplace : Challenges for Architecting the Organizations of Tomorrow
Politics of Crowds
Strangers at the Gates
Population History of the United States
Last Season of Innocence : The Teen Experience in the 1960's
Generational Use of New Media
Facing Fear : The History of an Emotion in Global Perspective
Buy It Now : Lessons from EBay
Humanity : A Moral History of the Twentieth Century, Second Edition
State and the Stork : The Population Debate and Policy Making in US History
Drugs for Life : How Pharmaceutical Companies Define Our Health
Bloomberg Financial : Wealth Regeneration at Retirement : Planning for a Lifetime of Leadership
Climate Change and Human Mobility
Pay : Why People Earn What They Earn and What You Can Do Now to Make More
Aging and the Art of Living
Unlikely Secret Agent
Social Innovation : Blurring Boundaries to Reconfigure Markets
Managing Corporate Social Responsibility : A Communication Approach
Leaderless Economy : Why the World Economic System Fell Apart and How to Fix It
Demography of Roman Italy
Foreign Intervention in Africa
Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers
Global Crisis : War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century
Do Good Well : Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation
TRIOS : Occupy : Three Inquiries in Disobedience
Au Pair (2nd Edition)
Global Political Hot Spots : Congo (2nd Edition)
Excess : Anti-consumerism in the West
Human Capitalism : How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter - and More Unequal
Children and the Internet
Cosmopolitanism and Culture
Liberalization in Aviation : Competition, Cooperation and Public Policy
Creating a New Civilization through Social Entrepreneurship
Population, Fear, and Uncertainty : The Global Spread of Fertility Decline (2nd Edition)
After the Death of Childhood
Timewatch : The Social Analysis of Time
Evolutionary Psychology : A Clinical Introduction
Society under Siege
Immigrant Women Workers in the Neoliberal Age
Ringtone Dialectic : Economy and Cultural Form
Third Industrial Revolution in Global Business
Mass Flourishing : How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change
Identity, Citizenship, and Violence in Two Sudans : Reimagining a Common Future
Protestantism and Progress : A Historical Study of the Relation of Protestantism to the Modern World
Communities and Networks : Using Social Network Analysis to Rethink Urban and Community Studies
Fangasm : Supernatural Fangirls
Information Society : Issues and Illusions
New Cold War History : Visions of Freedom : Havana, Washington, Pretoria, and the Struggle for Southern Africa, 1976-1991
Short History of the Twentieth Century
MIT Press Essential Knowledge : Memes in Digital Culture
Empire of the Air : Aviation and the American Ascendancy
Transport and Society : Strategies for Sustainable Mobilities : Opportunities and Challenges
Digital Politics in Western Democracies : A Comparative Study
What Everyone Needs to Know : Economic Development : What Everyone Needs to Know
Fan CULTure : Essays on Participatory Fandom in the 21st Century
Cultural Politics of Media and Popular Culture : Media and the Rhetoric of Body Perfection : Cosmetic Surgery, Weight Loss and Beauty in Popular Culture
Collaborative Media : Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions
Social Movements in Global Politics
Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis : Too Much Is Not Enough : Incentives in Executive Compensation
Consuming Work : Youth Labor in America
Where the Negroes Are Masters : An African Port in the Era of the Slave Trade
Will the Middle East Implode?
Modern Intellectual and Political History of the Middle East : Raging Against the Machine : Political Opposition Under Authoritarianism in Egypt
Wasted Lives : Modernity and Its Outcasts
In 100 Years : Leading Economists Predict the Future
Global Development Crisis
Twentieth-Century Europe : A Brief History (3rd Edition)
Beyond Sustainability : A Thriving Environment
Violent Accounts : Understanding the Psychology of Perpetrators Through South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Ain't Got No Home : America's Great Migrations and the Making of an Interracial Left
Protest Inc. : The Corporatization of Activism
People, Planet and Profit : Socio-Economic Perspectives of CSR
Connecting the Greater West Series : Working Women into the Borderlands
Modern African Writing Series : 491 Days : Prisoner Number 1323/69