Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Database: Cambridge Collections Online

Are you familiar with the valuable series of books called the "Cambridge Companions," published by the Cambridge University Press? Well, the rich research content of many of these books--some 225 at the time I write this--are available through the new ebook database, Cambridge Collections Online. Currently, there is one main collection, The Complete Cambridge Companions, and two sub-collections comprising the Cambridge Companions in Literature and Classics and the Cambridge Companions in Philosophy, Religion and Culture. Each collection is updated with new Companions upon publication.

Individual book titles can cover a broad subject or represent a detailed research guide to a specific author. For example, recent additions include The Cambridge Companion to Feminist Literary Theory and The Cambridge Companion to Keynes .

It's likely that you will use Cambridge Collections Online by simply typing in an author name or research phrase in the yellow search box on the opening screen, and then browse through the results. You can also click on a particular collection--like The Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics--on the opening page, and browse through the many book titles in that group.

One warning: the search results give you only a little bit of information (like section/chapter and book title). You'll want to explore any promising hit by clicking on the chapter link and then looking below the introductory paragraph on the resulting page for a further link to the "Chapter Content" in PDF form. This will open the chapter in a new window in a form that looks just like the original book. Read or print this content for your research.

This is excellent quality research material, especially in areas of literary research, and classical, philosophy and religion studies. And, like all of our databases, it is available 24/7 via the internet to any current student or faculty at Suffolk. We hope you'll find it useful!

[FIND Cambridge Collections Online on our "Databases by Subject" List in the "Literature, Arts and Humanities" category, as well as in the "E-Books" section.]


Lauren said...

Cambridge Companion to Chaucer will be helpful for English Literature courses. Thanks!

Suffolk U. Sophomore

Gerry Richman said...


This is a great resource, but I stumbled on it as I was looking at the database list. I also stumbled upon this blog. But I wonder how much I've missed because I've not stumbled on the right spot. I'd recommend that you advise relevant departments of important additions and improvements--and certainly highlight recent additions on the main library page