Thursday, January 18, 2007

Database Use Tip: Browse the Wall Street Journal by Date and Page Number

The Wall Street Journal, offered in full-text from 1984 to the present through Proquest and available to current Suffolk University students and faculty, has the unique ability of allowing users to browse by date and page number.

From the opening search screen, choose the ‘Publications’ tab:

Then click on:

You will see the individual issues listed in reverse chronological order. Choose an issue, and the articles will be listed in alphabetical order by title. The articles may also be viewed in page number order by changing the drop down box:

So, the next time you see an interesting article on the front of the WSJ, but you don’t have the time to stop and read it, and you find later that you’ve forgotten both the title and the date of the article, then this is a way to browse the paper as if you had it in hand.

Those of us who still prefer to look at the paper in print can find the most recent weeks on level 3 of the Sawyer Library.

[FIND the Wall Street Journal on our "Databases by Subject" List in the "Business and Management" category.]

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