Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Database: 'Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901'

In addition to the periodical database discussed below, the Sawyer Library has also added the Ebsco database 'Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901.' Ebsco's database description states:

"The Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901 collection contains publications related chiefly to the hard sciences: mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology (including mining), and the like. It also contains a few social sciences titles and literary magazines with science content." Titles include:
  • The Anthropological Journal
  • Astronomical Notices
  • The American Chemist
  • The American Journal of Microscopy and Popular Science
  • The Canadian Naturalist and Geologist
  • Popular Science Monthly.
This database is a nice complement to JSTOR, which also includes journals in the sciences, in some cases with coverage going back as far as the mid 1800's.

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