Monday, March 21, 2011

Notable E-Book: Handbook of Bioentrepreneurship

Biotech is one of the linchpins of the Massachusetts economy. If you read the daily headlines from the Boston Business Journal (BBJ), which we also get as a research database, you will constantly read articles about product development, M&A activity, or other news related to "Life Science" companies like Genzyme, Biogen, Charles River Laboratories, and EMD Millipore. You might also hear about the latest biotechnology start-up. (Since Massachusetts has a large population of academic researchers doing cutting-edge research at places like MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, we are one of the leading states for new companies, new drugs, and new technological breakthroughs.)

As a BBJ Survey has cited in this year's Book of Lists, "there are more than 450 biotechnology companies located in Massachusetts, 277 of those companies are researching and developing new therapeutic drugs."

It is a challenging and rapidly-changing field. How do you get a handle on the business creation dynamics of this particular industry? Holger Patzelt and Thomas Brenner led an international group of academic researchers in addressing just that challenge. And the resulting book was just recently added to our SpringerLink ebook collections. It is the Handbook of Bioentrepreneurship.

Sarah Cooper indicates in her review of this title in the International Small Business Journal, which we have through our Sage Online Journals: "In compiling this volume the editors have brought together 11 chapters from leading international researchers in the field which they have arranged around 4 key themes. The Handbook, thus, provides a good overview of the current state of research in bioentrepreneurship." The reviewer goes on to say: "Diversity within the biotechnology industry makes studying it something of a challenge; however, the chapters in this volume provide a good overview of the sector while also exploring critical themes, processes and debates."

Springer ebooks tend to be quite academic. They are not pop reading by any stretch of the imagination. But for those who wish to really delve into this important subject, here is a research handbook that should provide a solid grounding.

And for those who want the quick-fix news, the earlier cited BBJ or our Business Source Complete database might provide other easier reading options.

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