Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Staff Notes: Farewell to Becky Fulweiler!

It is with great personal regret that I announce the otherwise happy news of the retirement of our beloved Library Director, Rebecca Fulweiler today.  Becky came to Sawyer Library back in 1996 as Assistant Director for Reference Services.

She tells me that my greeting to her was less than enthusiastic.  (What can I say, I've always been a tactless wench.)  Evidently I went to lunch with her soon after she started and told her, point blank, that I had supported another candidate for the job. 

Still, it didn't take long for me and everyone else to figure out that Becky was a treasure--smart, hard-working, and infinitely patient and kind.  What's not to love?  And, indeed, we all do love her.

After working for several years as the AD for user services, Becky switched to being Assistant Director for Technical Services in 2000.  She cataloged, oversaw processing and orders, and was an absolute eagle-eye with our quite complex budget.

After doing both Assistant Director jobs, she was the obvious choice to take over from the estimable Bob Dugan as Library Director.  At first she called herself "Acting" Director, then "Interim."  But as far as we were concerned she was simply our able leader.  But even as Becky took the helm, she put University administration on notice that she didn't want to stay long in the job.  She was eager to retire and move to Arizona to be closer to her lovely daughter, Beth, and her granddaughters Lily and Amelia.

And now, that is exactly what she plans to do.  We are very happy for her as she makes this change.  But sorry for us!  We will miss you, Becky.  May you enjoy every minute of your new life journey!

Note: For now the Library Director position will be vacant.  But a great search committee (which includes Connie Sellers and myself from the Library staff) led by Provost Michael Bell, is hard at work finding a new Director for Sawyer Library.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me about any library matter.  I will be Acting Director in the short term.  And our experienced Reference Librarians, who are available most hours that the library is open, can also address any questions or concerns.  You can reach Reference at or by phone at 617-573-8532.

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We will truly miss ya!!