Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Session is for the Birds!

This fascinating 2010 book delves into the evolution of radically different nesting and parenting strategies in bird species ranging from Hummingbirds, to Hornbills, to Great Horned Owls. Many of the birds mentioned are at least seasonally present in New England; keep your eyes peeled for a "hanging cup" Oriole's nest.

Heavily illustrated with photographs and schematics of different birds' nests, this slim 2011 volume emphasizes the artistry and problem-solving abilities of nesting birds.

Recent science news publications suggest that some types of Tyrannosaurs were fully feathered and brightly colored, similarly to modern birds. Consult this 2011 eBrary book to learn more about the relationship between dinosaurs and modern birds.

Bluejay or Bluebird? This 2012 Reference book helps you identify that beautiful feather you just found in the woods, or out in the parking lot. Enjoy your summer!

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