Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Staff Notes: The Passing of Kristin N. Djorup

The start of the fall semester is always a happy and active time. We nonetheless feel the need to record the passing (suddenly, on August 18, 2011) of our former colleague and friend, Kristin N. Djorup. Kristin was a Senior Reference Librarian here at Sawyer Library for several years, and during that time Kristin also completed an MBA here at Suffolk.

Some students, many faculty and staff, and ALL of her former colleagues will remember Kristin for her intelligence, her enthusiasm, her friendly and consistently polite manner with everyone--no matter what--and her ability to put a positive spin on everything. (This latter trait could be quite exasperating for us mere mortals who have a tendency to view this crazy world with a more jaundiced eye.) Kristin saw the best in all people and situations. I sometimes questioned her view, but I never failed to admire her ability to "keep on the sunny side."

Kristin brought this positive, can-do attitude not only to her job as Manager of Library Research & Instructional Services at Babson's Horn Library, but also to her gardening, her care of her father and many pets....And also to her final fight with throat cancer.

We were expecting (and fervently hoping) that Kristin would beat her cancer. We are devastated to just learn that she did not. Still, we celebrate the warm, wonderful woman that she was and send our sympathies to her family, friends, and Babson colleagues.


Anonymous said...

I was Kristin's neighbor for the many years that she was home with her parents in Wellesley. Oddly, it was just tonight when we were assembled in their former home for a small neighborhood dinner that I found out that Kristin had died. I was expecting her to walk in with her father as they had done so many times since moving to Natick. Your blog is the only obituary I can find on the web. Thank you for your lovely remarks. Kristin was thoughtful, curious, considerate, a loving daugther and affectionate aunt. I am so sorry that she died too young.

Anonymous said...

I only recently found out about Kristin's untimely passing, and this is the only forum I have found to post a tribute to her. Kristin and I met during our Junior Year in Munich program in 1977. I was a somewhat silly ingenue of sorts, whereas Kristin was serious and highly knowledgable about everything (with a wicked sense of humor!). We instantly clicked! Together (or with classmates such as John Paul) we explored all aspects of Munich, including the many museums, theaters, operas, music venues, everywhere that could be reached by U-Bahn, the Alps, the Englisher Garten, Konditoreis, the many Schwimmbads, endless delicious (and not) meals, and so much more. My German was quite good at the time (that was my contribution) , and we were a team that shared our collective skills, attributes, frustrations, gossip and endless laughs, and we lived our lives that year with that wonderful giddiness of knowing that we were having the times of our lives with people we loved. Kristin opened my eyes to the world of art and culture and travel, and it left an imprint that remains with me to this day. She was a very dear friend, my very best friend in Munich, and a remarkable person who conducted herself (always) with dignity and composure. As the years passed we communicated less, but we treasured those occasions on which we spoke. Kristin, you left an indelible impression on me and many JYM'ers, and I will always admire and adore and miss you. I am sorry you have left this world, but you left me with many remarkable memories - THANK YOU! With love, Mary Dale (Jones) Lancaster