Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notable E-Book: Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather

Photograph from the Entry on Tornadoes.
Near Hodges, Texas, in the early evening hours of 13 May 1989.

Tornadoes recently ripping through Alabama, Missouri...and last week, even central and western Massachusetts--That's just one example of the type of meteorological event (droughts, floods, etc.) that we see and read about in the news constantly.

Severe weather seems to be on the increase, and trying to get an understanding of basic concepts and their whys and wherefores can sometimes be difficult. It's useful to be able to consult a resource that provides a solid, clearly written overview of a topic, but which comes from a respected and reliable publisher. For matters related to climatic and weather subjects, we have just added a new eEncyclopedia that might prove useful. It is the second (2011) edition of Oxford University Press's Encyclopedia of Climate & Weather.

The encyclopedia claims to provide "a comprehensive history" of the topic with over 330 entries, many added, revised or updated since the original edition was published in 1996. Over 300 photographs, maps and charts help to illustrate concepts discussed. This online version is the equivalent of a three volume set. And the encyclopedia provides everything from discussions of scientific concepts to biographies of major contributors to the field. Even the politics and economics of climate are covered in entries like those on the Kyoto Protocol and tradable permits.

Skip the unreliable and poorly documented information in sources like Wikipedia. If you want some quick background on a topic, use one of our excellent and authoritative electronic encyclopedias. The Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather is just one example of what is in our Oxford Reference Online Premium (OROP) database. And OROP is just one of several platforms we provide for electronic reference. See others on our list of "E-Book Databases."

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