Monday, August 16, 2010

New Database Module: GMID Passport Industrial

We have had the Global Market Information Database (GMID) for several years. It is probably the most maddening database to which we subscribe. Without doubt, it has more valuable international business intelligence than just about any other database available to educational users. I would also bet that it will frustrate and confuse almost any scholar or librarian that attempts to utilize it for the first time...and maybe for the twentieth time. The information in GMID is very high-quality, but the interface is such that you are more likely to stumble upon a useful report than actually identify it through an intelligent and systematic research process.

Because the database has so much unique and useful information, we continue to build upon it, even as we despair that the platform never seems to become any more user-friendly. Recently, we added the Industrial module to the database.

Euromonitor claims that "Passport Industrial is a breakthrough economic research solution that analyses the industrial makeup of the six largest economies in the world – China, Germany, France, Japan, UK and USA. It provides a strategic assessment of each industry and explains the complex relationships between them."

They go on to say that "Passport Industrial analyses each country in striking detail. An entire economy is split into 177 industry sectors which equate to total GDP for that country. Industries are compatible with the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) code. Each industry is analysed in its entirety, from its sources of supply to its buyers, allowing you to trace the whole value chain from raw material extraction to end consumption.

There are two problems with the early launch. One is that Japan is promised, but is not yet available. The other is that, as a European -based company, Euromonitor does not use the U.S. Government system of the NAICS or the SIC, but rather the ISIC. See this link for more on this different industrial classification schedule.

So, how do you get to the Industrial area of GMID? First, login to the main database as a member of the Suffolk Community (by being at a Suffolk IP or by authenticating through the proxy if you are off-campus). After you accept the agreement, you will go to the GMID homepage.

Click the teal-turning-orange tab in the top banner for Industries (as illustrated in the first screen-shot, above left) and then move down the list and click the word Industrial (as circled in the picture).

Once you get to the opening Industrial page, you can browse recent reports. Or, better yet, look to the left gray frame on that page. Below all the industry categories is another section labeled SEARCH ANALYSIS (see the screenshot above and to the right). Click on the Country Reports category (as circled in the picture).

That will bring you to another page, illustrated below. All (currently 885) reports will be listed there. Above the results list, simply filter the big list (see circle) by geography and/or category to get the reports you want to see.

Alas, it is neither an easy nor an intuitive process. But the material is good quality, so do take advantage of our major investment on your behalf!

[FIND GMID on the Business and Management page of the "Database by Subject" Lists.]

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