Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Database: Sage Journals Online

Sawyer Library has just added a database that will prove very useful to students and faculty in the social sciences, and to a lesser extent will be quite helpful to those interested in management/business, humanities, and the pure and medical sciences.

The database is called Sage Journals Online, and the version we have is also called "Sage Premier" (in places like our Full-Text Search Engine listings). This database is an example of what is called a publisher aggregate. That is, it consists of PDF online content to ALL the academic journals published by the scholarly publisher, Sage, back to 1999. This is approximately 450 peer-reviewed journals in far-ranging fields. And for some key titles we have actually purchased backfile that goes back to the 1940s.

The search interface is fairly straight-forward. You can simply put in your keyword search terms and hit enter or click the red search button. The default search is in "all fields" within "SAGE Content Available to Me." That usually works quite well. If you get too many "hits" you might want to restrict the search to looking in specific fields like Title. You can also adjust the radio button from "SAGE Content Available to Me" to "All SAGE Content" since you will get slightly different results in this search, yet all recent materials will still be accessible.
When you get a results list, look for the journal cover icon plus the note below. If the note says that the article is "FREE" or "AVAILABLE," you should be able to access the article either on-campus, or off-campus through our proxy server. Simply click "Full Text (PDF)" link below the citation to access the full-text.

Only in the case of a few much older articles would you ever get a message indicating that the article is not available. See the Library's reference staff for assistance if this occurs.

Sage Journals Online has a great deal of high quality content in many research areas. The only obvious problem with the database is its hosting platform, which is through HighWire at Stanford University in California. Alas, the HighWire platforms can be painfully slow to operate, especially during peak times like the afternoon. If a page load stalls on you, try refreshing the browser, or backing up and trying again. You might also want to access the database during non-peak hours. (We are also putting pressure on Sage to improve this situation, but patience may be required for now!)

We hope you will find this new addition a valuable new research tool.

[FIND Sage Journals Online on our "Databases by Subject" Lists in the "Business and Management," "Social Sciences,""Literature, Arts and Humanities" and "Sciences" categories.]

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