Monday, February 12, 2007

Notable E-Book: Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Michael Hutchins, Dennis A. Thoney, and Melissa C. McDade, Eds. 2nd ed. Detroit: Gale, 2004. 9609 pp. 17 vols

Grzimek's is a 17-volume e-book that is a major authoritative source of animal-related information.The original 13-vol. set was published in Germany in the late 1960s and was renowned for its scholarly presentation. Thomson Gale has tried to maintain the original title's intent by enlisting expert scientists, professors, and professionals in writing each article in this new edition.

Chapters include classification, family overview, species accounts, and resources and offers over 12,000 color graphics. The user can browse by volume (all 17) or search the entire set. Each volume provides life cycles, predators, food systems, and overall ecology.

View anatomy of a lobster.

Or, discover the habitat of the red panda.

This e-book will efficiently and productively serve the basic research needs of the biology or environmental science student, and it is fun to use.

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